1950 M35 2 1/2 Ton 6x6

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1950 M35 2 1/2 Ton 6x6



Six axles, the ability to go almost anywhere, and a price that's not going to burn a hole in your wallet. That's what The Deuce and a Half offers — and then some. Its tough looks are backed by tough mechanicals, and sourcing parts is possible, with aftermarket support available both for parts and new accessories. Unless modified, the majority of these were specced with straight-six engines, while a turbocharged variant was supplied, too.

The Vehicle

A 1950-1999 M35 2 1/2 Ton (or the Deuce and a Half, as it's referred to) is available with The Market. The Army camouflage might make it less susceptible to be seen in the war field but its imposing stance is hard to miss. Equally impossible to ignore is the three-axle arrangement, which is most definitely going to have a lasting impression not just on the driver but also on those who look at it in amazement.

On the Outside

The clean, no-nonsense exterior of the M35 resonates well with the brief M35 personnel were apparently given: to never stop. Quite possibly to minimize the chances of being ambushed, but given its ability to cross almost everything, it's unlikely that there would have been much to falter its progress. Despite its 13,000-pound weight. If you notice there's added protection for the large rear-view mirrors.

On the Inside

The M35 was a highly focused vehicle, made to enable the military to transport not just its personnel but also fuel, arms, ammunition, etc., on challenging terrain. Believing the M35 might have a luxurious cabin is going to be some highly misplaced expectation. It's undoubtedly — and unashamedly — basic. The cabin has a bench whereas the cargo area has a large flatbed. This example will require upholstery and roof/canvas work, but in terms of switchgear, everything seems to be in place.


The M35 was available with the choice between gas, diesel, and even multi-fuel engines. This one has the latter, which means depending on the availability, it could be taken in anything from diesel, gas, jet fuel, or even kerosene. The five-speed gearbox has overdrive on the fifth, and according to the plaque inside, the maximum permissible speed is 56 mph. The truck also has a 'Danger' sticker on the tachometer, which is rather cute, because, given the life-threatening stuff that would've been thrown at it on an everyday basis, an overheated engine would hardly be an issue.

History Highlights

In service from the 50s to the 90s, the M35 has done it all: from offering support during WWII to ferrying multiple military forces across the globe, regardless of how difficult the terrain is. Manufacturing duties were handled by a number of companies, depending on the region: from AM-General, REO Kaiser in America to Kia in South Korea. In terms of this particular vehicle's details, unfortunately not much is available. Odometer shows 1,569 miles.

What We Think

The M35 served in the military for half a century and it earned a great reputation due to its rugged nature. Away from military duties, many civilians have customized their trucks as per their preference. These aren't expensive to buy, which has made camper van conversions possible, too.

Given the weight, these aren't going to be the cheapest to run. But with decent aftermarket support, it's possible to buy and use one. And it's always nice to have the reassurance that it has the potential to get in and out of terrain that would scare modern crossover SUVs to death. All that military experience counts, after all!

Estimated $4,500 - $8,500.

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Sam Biggs

  • Location: Bakersfield, CA, United States
  • Seller Type: Private
  • Odometer Reading: 1569
  • Chassis Number: 3858915
  • Engine: REO OA-331
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Steering position: Left-hand drive
  • Color: Desert Camo
  • Interior: Brown Cloth
  • Estimated Price: $4,500 - $8,500

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